Director of Catering Sales – Minneapolis, MN

OEM Sales Manager – Des Moines, IA

Sales Manager – Western Iowa

Account Manager – Des Moines, IA

Regional Manager – Minneapolis, MN

OEM Business Development Manager – Des Moines, IA

Sales Representative – Heavy Equipment Sales, Omaha, NE

P&C Insurance Sales Representative – Des Moines, IA

Technical Services Engineer – Dayton, OH

Account Manager – Des Moines, IA

Field Service Engineer – Ohio

Sales Manager – Des Moines, IA


Isn’t It Time You Worked With Someone Who Shares Your Passion?

Your career in sales is made up of milestones from getting your first job, to landing the big client, to winning awards, to accepting new challenges and positions to advance your career.

If you are at one of the transitional milestones in your career path, then we need to talk.

We work with sales professionals in positions from VP of Sales to Account Managers.

Typically, the candidates we work with have a track record of success, know they are capable of accomplishing more, and are ready to take the next step in their career. Does this sound like you?

If so, we will:

  1. Listen to what you want in your next career move.
  2. Help you identify you specific selling/management skills and strengths.
  3. Allow you to show us your selling/management style, what truly motivates you, and your talents.
  4. Build a presentation that highlights your accomplishments, skills, talents and abilities based on what we learned about you.
  5. Work with you to identify the best companies in your field that have an opportunity tailored to you.

Contact us to schedule your career opportunity with one of our specialist.

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"Performance Group’s ability to match both my needs and desires with Ellison Technologies’ needs and desires is what separates them from the rest. I am truly grateful for their time and detailed attention throughout our business process. Ellison Technologies is the perfect fit for me, and I feel that I am the perfect fit for Ellison.”

Tom Rose, Sales Engineer at Ellison Technologies, Mori Seik   

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"Performance Group has a great ability to source and match prospective employees and employers. The entire process working with Performance Group was professional, thorough and first class. Very appreciative of this shared opportunity!"

Tim Kran, Maruka USA   

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“Performance Group helped one of my good friends in her new career path and journey, to find the perfect connection for a new sales job. Their talent and expertise in Recruiting were instrumental in "making it happen" and they did just that!”

Anne McElvain, Sales Producer, Packaging Industry   

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“The Performance Group took time to really understand my specific needs:
1. Finding a position that would be challenging.
2. That would be with a growth company
3. Where I would have significant impact throughout the organization.
What shined through this process was their staff’s ability to think outside the box, to find me the perfect environment and fit for my long term career goals. They are quick with responses to questions, whether it is e-mail, telephone, or text and excellent with follow up. The Performance Group does a fantastic job of interviewing applicants to determine strengths and weakness and in the long run finds a strong fit for both the employer and the employee. The Performance Group never presented an opportunity that was completely off target from what I wanted or outside of my skill set.

We worked together for many months before I finally found a position that was the perfect fit. It was worth the wait! I am more than thrilled with my new position. Thank you for everything!”

Janel Ketelsen, Sales Executive, Tektivity/GetPackets   

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"Performance Group did a great job throughout my interviewing process with the company I recently joined. They were thorough and had excellent follow-up regarding my questions. They helped solidify that the position I was accepting was the right move for my career development."

Jay Petkovich, Regional Marketing Consultant, The Stelter Company   

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The staff at Performance Group are true professional with a "cut to the chase" approach. My experiences with them have been pressure free, while giving me the information and time I needed to make the right choices.
I highly recommend Mr. McDaniel to anyone looking to make the right career moves. He has the connections you need and will take the time to find a good fit for all parties involved."

Rob Philips, Process/Project Engineer at DMG/Mori Ellison Technologies   

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"I worked with Performance Group on a job in 2013 and Performance Group showed high aptitude in asking probing questions to uncover my needs as it pertained to the job. Performance Group's approach was very personable and professional. Performance Group displayed creativity in liking my experiences to specific job functions. Performance Group is an asset and my advice would be to seek out their services."

Joseph Oberg, Sales and Account Manager at CH Robinson   

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“I would like to recommend Performance Group. They are very detailed in their work. They are not just looking to place one individual where ever he they can. I contacted Performance Group via LinkedIn in late July. We got to know each other via email and phone conversations to understand what I wanted in a future career and I quickly understood what they could do for me.
In the beginning of August Performance Group started the process of lining up interviews and walked me through every step of the process in a very professional manner. After a few months of testing, phone interviews, video interviews and face to face interviews I have found my new career.
If there is one company in the "Head Hunting" industry this is the one you can put your trust and faith into.

Jameson Pack, Business Partner at Ellison Machinery Co   

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Performance Group did an excellent job of placing me in a job situation that was a good fit for both myself and the Company who hired me. They are very engaged in the process and helpful in removing any roadblocks along the way."

Dave Friedman, Vice President, Sales at Ellison Technologies   

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"Jim is probably the most impressive, prepared, proficient and professional recruiter with the most rigorous vetting process that I have ever experienced. He does an outstanding job of making sure that the client and the candidate are as close to a perfect match as possible!Jim was instrumental in connecting me with Maruka USA. Through his extensive network, he reached out to me and presented me as a qualified candidate, but also worked as an advocate for Maruka USA to make sure that I was the best possible fit for the position. As I have told the story many a times."

Ron Lintz, Sales Director at Walbro Engine Management