Would You Like to Hire the Candidate who Performed as Good as Their Resume Looked?

The biggest competitive advantage you have in today’s business environment is your people. Performance Group places sales professionals that range in title from high performance Vice Presidents to Account Managers. Our process is a rigorous one, we do it this way to ensure a mutual fit.

We work with companies that value their sales force because they understand that sales drive the bus. These organizations are recognized amongst their peers as companies that invest in the success of their people and don’t accept mediocrity. That is why they retain our services to get exposure to the best sales talent.

These are the types of companies we work with:  

  • Do you offer career opportunities vs jobs?
  • Are willing to reward people for their hard work ?
  • Do you believe in investing in the success of your people?

Recruitment and Retention Services

We all know the characteristics of a successful salesperson: bright, motivated, confident and ambitious. The problem is, these traits also frequently characterize sales losers!The challenge for your organization, then, is to identify the three types of salespeople:

  • those who can sell and will
  • those who can sell and won’t
  • those who can’t sell and won’t

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"Jim along with his staff were able to find sales candidates when we couldn't. Their network proved to be very successful in providing us with people that were interested in new opportunities and advancement in their careers."

Marte Cook, President at Stetson Building Products   

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"I have worked with the Performance Group for almost two years and they have brought us top notch candidates for the positions we are looking to fill."

John Burg, President at Ellison Technologies Automation   

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“Performance Group recruiters have a great style in interviewing candidates. Their casual tone puts them at ease, but they are comfortable asking the hard questions and getting good answers. Their ability to evaluate candidates and bring forward the best is exceptional.”

Andy TeBockhorst, VP Sales and Marketing, Merit Resources   

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“This is a good company to work with if you are in need of sales help, recruiting sales people or grooming your sales staff to lift them to the next level. Sign up for the newsletters, it's worth it!”

Todd Chapman, President at Satellite Center | DIRECTV Dealer   

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"I very much enjoyed working with Performance Group. Performance Group is very personable and results-oriented. Their communication was extremely timely and they were able to provide our company with two very top-notch candidates. I would not hesitate to work with Performance Group again in the future and would highly recommend them."

Kris Rutledge, Director of Human Resources at The Stelter Company   

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I strongly recommend working with the Performance Group. Especially if you are in need of a technical sales engineer like we were. Performance Group presented two excellent and very capable candidates in a very short period of time. The staff at PG were professional, efficient, responsive and overall excellent to work with for our recruiting and hiring needs. I will definitely work with them in the future.

Scott Monaghan, President, Monaghan Tooling Group   

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Performance Group was great to work with. During the recruiting process they kept me informed and updated at all times. They did a very good job at presenting qualified candidates for our review. Thanks to all of their efforts we were able to find an excellent candidate who will be joining our team in the very near future. I look forward to working with them again in the future.”

Elizabeth Doerrfeld, Sales Manager, Capital City Fruit   


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